The use of heat for sore joints has been used by humans for ages. It's time to offer our canine pals the same comfort.

Inspired by a wonderful old dog, the innovative and all-natural HipHug was made to bring fast pain relief to the aching joints of of dogs suffering from arthritis or dysplasia. The HipHug (Patented) is a 100% cotton, rice-filled pad that heats in your microwave. The rice creates moist heat that cuddles your dog's hips and lower back, easing joint pain and relaxing muscles. Considering the number of dogs that will develop arthritis or dysplasia, this idea is long overdue. Statistics show that 1 in 5 dogs will get arthritis. That's 8 million dogs in the U.S. alone. The Cornell College of Veterinary Medicine reports that about 50% of large breed dogs will develop dysplasia. Medium and small breeds, and even cats, are not immune to these diseases.

The Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) recommends several things we can do to help ease joint pain in our dogs. Maintain healthy a weight to reduce stress on the joints, monitored exercise, and the use of heat therapy are great ways to help your pet. Just as in people with arthritis, dogs will have more pain in cold, damp weather and will seek the comfort of heat.

The HipHug is veterinarian recommended and endorsed by Atlanta Animal Rehabilitation and Fitness. It has also gotten its share of attention with mentions in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and other newspapers. Atlanta Petz and Doggie Aficionado magazines have also touted the benefits of this huggable heating pad. The Labrador Retriever Club News reviewed the HipHug and reported, "After using the Hiphug on a very old and arthritic Golden, I am convinced that it does improve the dog's mobility."


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