" Thank you so much for the HipHug, Buddy loves it."
 - K., Atlanta, Georgia

"We tried it on an older boxer who loved it."
 - Sandy E., PetDish in Atlanta Journal-Constitution

"Thank you, Deborah, for thinking of how to have animals comfortable and extend their lives in a good way."
-B. Cincinnati, OH

"Shelby has enjoyed her HipHug so much that I have now purchased a second one in a smaller size for her paws."
-J., Atlanta, GA

"After using it on a very old and arthritic golden, I am convinced that it does improve the dog's mobility."
-Product Review, The Labrador Retriever Club News

"Deb and Gracie, thanks for the wonderful service and excellent HipHug product. Sweetie loves it and it is helping ease her discomfort."
-D. and Sweetie, TN

"I think it did give Zach some soothing relief and today he's moving better so in all it has been a great success."
-K., Atlanta, GA





 "He is your life, your love, your defender, your dog.  He will be yours faithful and true, to the last beat of his heart.  You owe it to him to be worthy of such devotion."